The Copyright Issue

I watched Everything is a Remix, and I found it pretty interesting. One thing that really stood out to me from the video was the  idea that everything comes from an idea from the past. Nothing is truly original on it’s own these days, because we use ideas from the past, remix it to be a new thing and there it’s our own. Another thing that had also stuck out to me was the topic about the copyright laws placed on art and patents on technology. In my opinion, I feel that laws like this are totally unfair. This is because it blocks room for true creativity. Going back to one of the main points made in the video, all ideas come from another, and using ideas to create new ones should be okay if you are fundamentally changing it overall. The law should only apply if an idea is being used without any kind of changes, but if the person s only using the idea to make their own unique creation then there should not be a problem and the law should not step in.

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