Final Blog Post

Where do I begin on the final blog post to say goodbye to CT101?  Well ok… let’s start  with what I enjoyed the most. This might seem really basic but I really did enjoy making GIFs. This is because I found the GIFS very funny and I felt like you can use them for anything so easily. The GIFS were a good way of communicating how I felt about something. Here’s one to describe how I feel right now…

Aside from making GIFS , I have also learned other cool things like finally using Photoshop. I will only say  that I only got the basics on how to use Photoshop and that is only because, I need to continue to work on learning how to use it.  Also, using the memes were pretty cool as well.


When it comes to the website, I don’t know if I am going to keep it up because it isn’t really something I can use towards a porfolio. I used my website for personal reasons and I really enjoyed using it that way. But If I do use this website in the future, then I will probably erase everything and start from scratch.

But overall I really did enjoy the class, I liked the freedom that I had with this website, I enjoyed using it to tell my stories about my crazy life. From what I experience  , to what I feel sometimes and I know it all sounds crazy sometimes and that’s why I enjoyed telling it all on this website.

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