Missing my 90’s shows

Now, I’m just going to make this clear that I am a 90’s baby because I’m born in 1999 so, therefore I AM A PART OF THE 90’S!!!!

Since that’s out of the way, I really miss watching shows from the 90’s so much because they were just sooooo funny and I feel that the creators back then, actually had creativity when it came to making these shows. The shows were actually funny and they taught valuable lessons as well.  One of my favorites was the RUGRATS. Because it’s just so addicting and I can watch from back to back. It always made we wonder… can babies really talk to each other when adults are around??

This show kind made me believe that it’s real….

Finals week


The week is finally here and all I have to say is wow! it’s really crazy how finals week is here and I feel like the semester has just began yesterday for me. I’m kind of glad that it is finally here because, while feeling short, I felt that the semester has been very long as well. Most of my finals have not been bad either. The only hard part is knowing that the end is near and then it’s time for summer !!! but it can be stressful at times……..

Real Friends?

I’m just thinking to myself right now about how I feel about the idea of who your friends really are. Like I always really thought about how a friendship really works. I then ask myself, is it ok to take back a friend that has broken your trust before? In my opinion, I feel that it really depends on what the person has done. I’m not saying that every friendship is perfect now, because if you had never argued at least one time with your closest friends, then it’s not real because I feel that the friendship was never tested then.  Maybe. I sound a little contradicting but I feel its really a struggle to tell who your friends seriously are.

Is Reality TV bad?

I just wanted to talk really quickly about an issue I have been hearing lately, it is the issue of what is going on with reality TV shows. Specifically black reality TV shows. like, the love and hip hop franchise, the real housewives of Atlanta. This is because recently, it has been said that such TV shows display black people in a bad light. Because of all the fighting and drama that  goes on with the TV shows, it makes it seem as if they have no class.  But, I feel that these shows are just for entertainment. Also, these shows really display  how they are living good lives and having economic excellence. Overall, I feel as if there is no problem with the shows at all, at the end of the day, it is all about entertainment.


It’s almost over

This is crazy you guys, the semester is really almost over. I felt like it just started the other day. To reflect on this semester so far, it could have been a little better. I feel like this semester was WAY harder than my last one because, this semester I had a job (my job is a whole other story) so I had to really make time to do schoolwork. I just really need to hang tight until it’s over. I just want to lay in my bed without responsibilities again. But, at least I barely have final exams, most of my classes are final essays and presentations.