The Best Food Ever

Sooooooo, I know that a lot of people say this but chipotle is really my life. I love it because it tatses sooo good, and im addicted. I would eat it everyday If i had to choose one food for the rest of my life. I know that it’s not real authentic Mexican food but, it still tastes like it could be. But I do spend a lot of money there and it makes me go broke because it’s so expensive, but it’s honestly really worth it. I do’t regret spending a dime.


It’s almost over

This is crazy you guys, the semester is really almost over. I felt like it just started the other day. To reflect on this semester so far, it could have been a little better. I feel like this semester was WAY harder than my last one because, this semester I had a job (my job is a whole other story) so I had to really make time to do schoolwork. I just really need to hang tight until it’s over. I just want to lay in my bed without responsibilities again. But, at least I barely have final exams, most of my classes are final essays and presentations.