The Best Thing EVERRR

Okay, so where do I start… you guys know how chipotle is my favorite fast food places if i ever had to pick one. There is one by the campus that opened not too long ago and I have been going there A LOT because I love it so much. Well one day when I walked in, I ordered  my usual chicken bowl with guacamole and all in it. You know that when you get guacamole it costs extra , and I also get chips and a large drink and I pay around 18 dollars for it (which I know is a lot). But that’s what I usually pay. But, today the cashier had told me that going forward, he’s going to charge me only 8  dollars for everything that I get. THATS 10 DOLLARS OFF!!!! because of this, i am saving so much money. Also, it was so sweet of him to give me the special discount not only for one day but it’s WHENEVER I GO THERE!!!! Now i’m going after this blog post………… but

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