I’m soooooo upset

So last week I applied for a new job because i am over the current job I have now. I  have been searching for a new job job since JANUARY.

It is MAY now and I still have yet to find a new job, I applied to one store (which I am not going to name) and I really liked the store. I felt that it was going to be such an upgrade from the store I am working in now. I really want to leave that store before June.

Anyways, I applied to this store online and I was nervous to see what was going to happen. I was actually surprised that I got an email from them saying that they wanted me to do a video interview, and I was so excited to do it.

I did the interview right when I got home from work, I felt that I answered the questions very honestly. I though that the interview went great and I as finally going to have a new job for the summer.

BUT, all of it came to halt when I just recently received a NEW email from the job saying(in my interpretation)…….

“You aren’t good enough for the job and we continued with someone else that fits better than you”

My feelings were super hurt by this email and it really makes me feel that I am worthless.

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