Bringing My Dog To School

One day in the 3rd grade, I made a crazy decision to bring my dog to school. Let me explain the story…..

So there was one day when I was leaving my house to go to school, I was only allowed to go by myself because it was right around the corner from my house. That means, I didn’t have to cross any streets or anything, I could just make a right on the corner from my building and my school was right there. But there was one day as I was leaving, my dog at the time, Drew who was a Pomeranian dog (small dog) was barking and kept reaching for me. I felt that she was going to be lonely all by herself so I decided to put her in my bookbag so she could stop barking.

I took her out when I got to school and she was quiet, so I believed that she was fine, the whole day had went by and the adults didn’t notice because I would hide her from any teacher that had came around.

During lunchtime, I showed her to my group of friends and they were all petting her and playing with her. I even fed her because I brought the dog food and water with me if Drew got hungry.

At the end of lunchtime, one of my classmates came to me and said that she wanted to see my dog and I told her no because I didn’t want too many people to know.

So then she says, “okay, then i’m telling Ms. Kent that you have a whole dog at school”

In response, i say, “okay, fine you can see her then”

I took her out and Drew began to act really rowdy and she had bit the girl!

SO, me not knowing what to do, I just took her back, then the girl had told Ms. Kent EVERYTHING and she took my dog to the office and everything did not end well that day.

I got in SUPER trouble with my parents.


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