Advice ?

Okay so i guess at first glance of my title you might assume that i needed some type of advice right? .. Well wrong i’m actually writing this because this weather is unbearable and it made me think of this time i went to the beach and i was stopped in line by a stranger to give her advice. WEIRD.

so i’m in line to get a frozen lemonade because its like the summeriest drink of all time, and this lady behind me is fidgeting. So at first i’m like okay let me move but i could hear her sighing as if she had something to say but no one to say it to.  So as im waiting she taps me and says “Can i ask you a quick question?” So of course i turn around and say “Uhmm…”  So she says “I know this is weird but i need to make a decision fast” at this point i’m intrigued so i say sure why not. For about five minutes she sat and explained that she didn’t know whether or not she should get a regular frozen lemonade or a strawberry lemonade. Again WEIRD, who really asks someone what they should drink. So of course i play along and say well it depends what flavor are you going for and she says well i want something sweet but a little sour too. So at this point this is the funniest part of my day and i’m like well why don’t you scrap that all together and get something savory ANDDDDDD… She says “hmm i never thought of that” but the thing is though who really thinks of that but i guess she didn’t get it. She then proceeds to change the debate from lemonade to chili cheese fries or nachos.  like really.

long story short she ended up getting

a freaking cupcake.


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