Are Memes Art?

Memes are actually art because they communicate how people may feel about a situation or as most of the time, it is used for the purpose of telling jokes which again goes back to it being a form of creativity. So therefore, it is art because of how it allows for people to express their feelings

I really like the thanksgiving memes…

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Flexibility in Digital Storytellling.

One of the project ideas that I really like is the Alternate Universe project. I like this idea because it allows for a person to place themselves within an alternate universe that they would like to be in. I feel like I can use my Photoshop skills that I have to make myself apart of a alternate universe. I would also like to try the “create a movie poster” because it could be a chance to learn Photoshop more. Also, it’s a chance to make some wacky things.

What’s Making Me Happy on The Internet

Thinking about what makes me happy on the internet is not very hard. Last week I would have said Snapchat makes me happy on the internet but, since the recent update, ehhhhhhh (had to throw some shade). I can say that what makes me happy on the internet is one of my favorite apps, Instagram. Let me explain, this is because I like to follow different blog sites Instagram pages. My favorite page to follow is The Shade Room and that is because it catches me up on the latest celebrity gossip and tea constant throughout the day. Aside from the gossip and tea, it also shares information on current events going on and it also promotes and advertises black businesses, so I really like the page because of all it has to offer and it makes me happy 😊

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My First GIF Post

For the first two weeks of this class, I’m feeling kind of curious of what is to come, but I’m EXCITED for what’s to come in the class, because I feel that there is no limit to what I can do.

Also, I really want to see what’s next because I really enjoyed making gifs so here’s another one…

I’m soooooo upset

So last week I applied for a new job because i am over the current job I have now. I  have been searching for a new job job since JANUARY.

It is MAY now and I still have yet to find a new job, I applied to one store (which I am not going to name) and I really liked the store. I felt that it was going to be such an upgrade from the store I am working in now. I really want to leave that store before June.

Anyways, I applied to this store online and I was nervous to see what was going to happen. I was actually surprised that I got an email from them saying that they wanted me to do a video interview, and I was so excited to do it.

I did the interview right when I got home from work, I felt that I answered the questions very honestly. I though that the interview went great and I as finally going to have a new job for the summer.

BUT, all of it came to halt when I just recently received a NEW email from the job saying(in my interpretation)…….

“You aren’t good enough for the job and we continued with someone else that fits better than you”

My feelings were super hurt by this email and it really makes me feel that I am worthless.

Advice ?

Okay so i guess at first glance of my title you might assume that i needed some type of advice right? .. Well wrong i’m actually writing this because this weather is unbearable and it made me think of this time i went to the beach and i was stopped in line by a stranger to give her advice. WEIRD.

so i’m in line to get a frozen lemonade because its like the summeriest drink of all time, and this lady behind me is fidgeting. So at first i’m like okay let me move but i could hear her sighing as if she had something to say but no one to say it to.  So as im waiting she taps me and says “Can i ask you a quick question?” So of course i turn around and say “Uhmm…”  So she says “I know this is weird but i need to make a decision fast” at this point i’m intrigued so i say sure why not. For about five minutes she sat and explained that she didn’t know whether or not she should get a regular frozen lemonade or a strawberry lemonade. Again WEIRD, who really asks someone what they should drink. So of course i play along and say well it depends what flavor are you going for and she says well i want something sweet but a little sour too. So at this point this is the funniest part of my day and i’m like well why don’t you scrap that all together and get something savory ANDDDDDD… She says “hmm i never thought of that” but the thing is though who really thinks of that but i guess she didn’t get it. She then proceeds to change the debate from lemonade to chili cheese fries or nachos.  like really.

long story short she ended up getting

a freaking cupcake.


The Best Food Ever

Sooooooo, I know that a lot of people say this but chipotle is really my life. I love it because it tatses sooo good, and im addicted. I would eat it everyday If i had to choose one food for the rest of my life. I know that it’s not real authentic Mexican food but, it still tastes like it could be. But I do spend a lot of money there and it makes me go broke because it’s so expensive, but it’s honestly really worth it. I do’t regret spending a dime.


It’s almost over

This is crazy you guys, the semester is really almost over. I felt like it just started the other day. To reflect on this semester so far, it could have been a little better. I feel like this semester was WAY harder than my last one because, this semester I had a job (my job is a whole other story) so I had to really make time to do schoolwork. I just really need to hang tight until it’s over. I just want to lay in my bed without responsibilities again. But, at least I barely have final exams, most of my classes are final essays and presentations.


The Copyright Issue

I watched Everything is a Remix, and I found it pretty interesting. One thing that really stood out to me from the video was the  idea that everything comes from an idea from the past. Nothing is truly original on it’s own these days, because we use ideas from the past, remix it to be a new thing and there it’s our own. Another thing that had also stuck out to me was the topic about the copyright laws placed on art and patents on technology. In my opinion, I feel that laws like this are totally unfair. This is because it blocks room for true creativity. Going back to one of the main points made in the video, all ideas come from another, and using ideas to create new ones should be okay if you are fundamentally changing it overall. The law should only apply if an idea is being used without any kind of changes, but if the person s only using the idea to make their own unique creation then there should not be a problem and the law should not step in.

Hello world!

HI! My name is Telvin. I am a freshman CT Major at CUNY York College! I will be using this website to post my classwork for my CT101 class and also some personal blog posts as well.